Friday, June 29, 2012

Fun Fact

Sales tax is 9.5% (in case that bullshit interests you).

Welcome to Seattle, Menzie

Saturday, June 23, 2012: Woke up unwillingly, but cheerful, and with high hopes. Happy to be next to a darling chap, who came to breakfast with my family and best friend. Breakfast, albeit, delayed (good job, Joe, you drunken dork), was delicious, and funny, and light-hearted, for the most part. Leaving was... less so. Seeing my father cry-- not easy. Crying-- less easy. Relaxing at 1122 Westminster was nice, but not so nice to leave. Coffee helped. Driving did not. It was a long, lonely drive, rather than a fun, adventurous drive as other may claim. I pit-stopped in mid-Idaho for gas and nutrient replenishment-- aka, I went a place called The Hungry Red Neck Cafe... for a grilled cheese sandwich-- not the most Vegetarian friendly. I arrived in Pendleton, OR around 8:30pm Pacific Time, and checked into my hotel. From there I went to a place called the Great Pacific Wine & Coffee Co. for a baked vegetarian sandwich, a few Rogue beers, and some live folk music (all of which, in my unfortunate, emotional state, made me cry).

Sunday June 24, 2012: Driving, driving driving. Skip to arriving at the arranged sublet in the U-District. Skip to AWFUL. Skip to leaving the AWFUL, arrange sublet in the U-District. Skip to crying, conversation with the best aunt in the world, and finally arriving at the Homewood Suites Hotel by Hilton on Pike St. in downtown Seattle-- where I've been for the last 5 days.

Monday-Friday June 25-29, 2012: Apartment searching galore. Of particular notice is the fact that I found out I needed my WA state license to practice Speech Language Pathology before starting work (which I found out on Tuesday, and I was supposed to start work yesterday). With strings and things pulled from this way and that way, I made the necessary connections, and dotted by i's, crossed my t's, and figured out all the issues, getting my license approved and ready for action. So as of today I am ready to work. I start on Monday (Go me and my assertive action). Another plus for today... I chose an apartment, I applied, I was accepted, and I move in on July 6th. It's at 1000 8th Avenue. (Look it up) It's a nice apartment complex, originally from the 1950's I believe, but there have been tremendous remodels and upgrades. My apartment is a 1 bedroom with 590 sq ft, new carpet, new appliances, washer/dryer, and I can't wait to move in. My building has a parking garage (paid for), a HUGE gym, an outdoor heated pool, a community room with plenty of seating and TVs that can be rented for parties, as well as a rooftop garden and seating area. It's very nice. I think I made the right choice.

Overall: Seattle is big, subway-less, confusing, full of potentially rad people (how to find and meet them... another problem in itself), lonely, different, inclusive of full strength(+) beer, and curious. Hopefully, I'll find a place here. But it's not Salt Lake. It's not Boston, either. It's not easy. But, I'm working on it.