Friday, August 16, 2013

considerably lighter

Things have changed quite a lot in the last 5 months. Here is an updated list of things I still need/want to do:

1. join an art class
2. save money (to buy a house)

new additions:

4. take ASL
5. hike more
6. sign up for boxing

All of the other things on my previous list, I have completed! Whoa!

My new job is quite fantastic. The people are wonderful, supportive, interesting, fun, and flexible. The kids are cute, funny, energetic and there is rarely a dull moment during therapy. My hours are consistent, even if the ratio of billable hours to non-billable hours leaves me with a lot of down time. I'm okay with it; I get to put together materials for therapy! Which, I would otherwise not have time to do.

I'm still rocking the single life. But, I'm not fretting about it as much as I have in the past. Awareness of my situation, my reactions, and my approach to dating and potential relationships has been improving. Being aware is the first step. Who knows what will happen...

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